Frequently Asked Questions

How may I contact you?

You can feel free to contact us by email or any other contact options from contact page. We will NEVER leave your questions unanswered.

What are your delivery times?

We offer quick delivery times. They are mentioned on the plan details of the service you are interested in. Please check the service page to find them out for the plan you are interested in.

In what format will I receive the completed documents?

All documents are delivered electronically to the customer in Word Rich Text Format, double line spaced, Times New Roman unless the customer has explicitly requested an alternative format.

Who owns the rights to the final document or any material produced by your editors?

The final document becomes your property once paid for. The content that we create for you is never reused verbatim.

What is article rewriting & how does it help me?

Article rewriting is the process of taking one article and creating several different unique version of it through the use of special tags. Search engines regard each version of this article as a unique article, when submitted to article directories it's important to have unique articles so that they are each indexed.

What is Article Submission and how does it work?

Article Submission is one of the most effective ways to get one way quality links to a website. People often share these articles and republish them on their sites. Thus your links keep spreading and your keywords get higher rank in search engines. You just need to provide us with your keyword. We will write 400 words unique SEO article using your keyword and submit it to article directories.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal. You can pay us using your PayPal account balance or use your debit/credit card.

How do I know if the article created for me is authentic and not duplicated?

You can check from if the content provided by us is original or not.